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16111 Saddlewood Lane

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Horse Interaction Day
August 29th  from 10 - 12:30
All inclusive Event $20/child
Grooming horses, riding Horses, bounce house, live horse painting,  Feeding, Munch lunch,  and much more... See Horse Interaction Day
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Ages 3 - seniors
Beginner to Experienced

Nestled among several acres in Cape Coral, Saddlewood Horse Club's pristine facilities is an equestrian's delight. COVERED and lighted riding arena, 60-feet round arena, jumping arena, western area and oval racetrack. Pastures and an array of riding styles are designed to meet the needs of a variety of riders at all levels and ages. Family orientated management and instructors with a deep passion for horses. Bring not just your horse - bring your family as well.

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16111 Saddlewood Lane
Cape Coral, FL 33991


Private + Group Vaulting Lessons available

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Vacation Riders

If you have ever wanted to ride, NOW is the time. Ride during your vacation $35/lesson


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16111 Saddlewood Lane, Cape Coral, FL 33991


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